1. This is another logo my fiancé worked on last year, and I decided to play with and make it move!


  3. Keys, FL you’re in my mind right about now. 

    Playing in C4D with planes and displacer to make it look like an ocean. And while I was doing this it reminded me of my trip to the Keys this past summer. The colors, it’s warm water, the colors in the sky in the morning and at sunset….

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  4. This is a fun project I worked on my Senior year of College. I compiled all my projects from the past few years to show on our Senior Show. Please enjoy!

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  5. Check out my senior thesis! Enjoy it :) 

  6. A project I worked on with Clarke Harris + Corey Woosley ! Enjoy and share it with others :) 

  7. Process!

  8. More processss! 

  9. More process work!

  10. Process of Illustration! Having so much fun..